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Guitar Care

Jasper Guitar Company® guitars are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards for a lifetime of outstanding performance. Please follow the guidelines below to help properly maintain your instrument and keep it in excellent physical and working condition.

Humidity & Temperature

To avoid shrinking and cracking of your instrument's finish, body, or neck, it's important to keep it properly hydrated and away from extreme hot or cold exposure. Store your guitar in a space where the temperature is between 60° to 75° Fahrenheit and out of direct sunlight. To ensure proper humidity levels between 45% to 55%, we recommend keeping your guitar in its case with the D'Addario Humidipak Maintain System, as well as a small hygrometer.

General Cleaning

Regularly clean your instrument's various surfaces of any bodily sweat, oils, salts, and other grime or contaminants from splashes or spills. We recommend using a microfiber cloth and a safe guitar polish or cleaner free of harsh chemicals.

Fretboard Conditioning

Condition your instrument's fretboard about every six or seven months using a high-quality fingerboard oil. Apply a small amount of oil between each fret and gently work it into the board using your finger or a microfiber cloth. After letting the oil sit for a few minutes, remove any excess using a dry microfiber cloth.

New Strings

Worn or dirty strings are not only uncomfortable to play, but can cause several issues, such as tuning instability, faulty intonation, and even loss of sustain and treble frequencies. We recommend replacing your instrument's strings with new ones about every three months, depending on level of use.

Hangers, Stands, & Straps

Do not rest or display your instrument on a stand or hanger padded with chemically active synthetic tubing. Doing so may cause the finish on the guitar's neck or body to partially dissolve at the contacted areas. Avoid storing your guitar with the strap attached, as well, as leather or other synthetic materials can cause a similar chemical reaction with the finish.

Professional Assistance

Contact a trusted, experienced luthier in your area for detailed guitar maintenance and to ensure your instrument is properly setup. If you happen to live in or near Green Bay, Wisconsin, we recommend Luthier's Workshop, the home of Jasper Guitar Company®, for excellent guitar service and repair.

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