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  • Here's what a Quatre™ sounds like:

  • Introducing Jasper’s premier bass guitar entry, the Quatre™ (French for the number 4 - pronounced like “cat”). Developing this bold yet sophisticated unit required an extensive amount of collaboration from some of the best players in our region, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Powered by Lindy Fralin bass pickups, the Quatre™ is a unique concept guitar that puts a spin on the traditional P-J Bass. First, we repositioned the standard P-J pickup placement to add a broader tonal spectrum. Then we mixed up the pots a bit and added a 3-way switch to further expand the available tone variations. The Quatre™ can produce a wide variety of tones from beefy jazz licks to a distinctive, almost acoustic sound similar to an upright bass.

    Special thanks to our good friends Chris Hanaway and Paul “Ike Arumba” Winter for their insights and dedication to bringing the Quatre™ to fruition.

    And don't forget, in addition to our standard 30” scale length, we have 32" scale length necks available for our custom bass builds!

      • One-piece roasted, flat-sawn maple (Indian rosewood fingerboard available)

      • 30” scale length (32” scale length available)

      • Vintage-style inlay dot markers

      • Heavily-rounded-over fingerboard

      • 1-5/8” bone nut

      • 21 jumbo frets

      • 9.5” fret board radius (limited spectrum of fret board radius available)

      • C .87-.99 profile (wide variety of neck profiles available)

      • Dual-action truss rod with adjustment wheel at heel

      • Custom Tadeo headstock taper

      • Partial finish in nitrocellulose lacquer

      • Roasted swamp ash

      • Patented chambered/vented semi-hollow design

      • Patented adjustable carbon fiber plate

      • Combination process of nitro cellulose and UV-cure lacquer finish

      • One Fralin Jazz Bass pickup – bridge

      • Pair of Fralin P-Bass pickups – neck

      • .047µF Emerson capacitor

      • 250K CTS potentiometers

      • Switchcraft 3-way switch

      • Switchcraft jack

      • Proprietary Jasper ST bass bridge assembly

      • Proprietary neck and vent plates

      • Proprietary knobs

      • (All proprietary hardware in brushed nickel finish)

      • Schaller 4-In-Line bass tuners

      • (Custom-fit case for this model currently unavailable)

  • The Quatre™ Bass, as with all Jasper models, comes equipped with our adjustable carbon fiber resonance plate on the back of its specially-chambered body. This groundbreaking, patented technology not only increases sustain and enhances desired harmonic overtones but also inhibits unwanted feedback and can even change the guitar’s resonant frequency. Built right in our Green Bay, Wisconsin factory and sold direct to consumer, each Jasper is made with over 50 years of quality lutherie craftsmanship using locally-sourced and U.S. made parts, most of our components being manufactured on site. It’s accurate to say that Jasper guitars are, truly, like no other.

  • For information related to ordering, payment methodsshippingwarranty repairs, and more, please visit our Policies page.

    For additional info about this model or for general inquires about Jasper guitars, please reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

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